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J&M Recycling has 25-years experience in management, purchasing and plant operations of all scrap metal, plastics, paper, obsolete equipment and tanks. J&M takes pride in prompt service and payment.

J&M Recycling was established in 2001 to work closely with industry, manufacturing and government to recycle all types of low grade and difficult types of by-products to recover their recyclable values. This includes, but is not limited to, mixed metals - steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, paper with aluminum and/or poly coatings or coatings of any type; plastic bottles and containers.

J&M provides leasing and sales of balers, compactors, drum crushers and a variety of other operational equipment. J&M also provides roll-off containers, boxes and a wide variety of trailers.

J&M also has direct relationships with equipment manufacturers who can provide balers, compactors, trailers, roll-off containers, shredding equipment, etc. J&M is able to save our customers 15% or more on equipment acquisitions

J&M Recycling complies with all federal and state regulations regarding handling, safety, insurance and hauling all recyclables. We also comply with all EPA and OSHA regulations.





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